Technical Documents

Each of these items helps cover one or more features or aspects of IntraLaunch. If you need assistance with anything please feel free to contact technical support.

How to Use
Shows a couple examples of basic usage & programming with some important things to note.

Explains IntraLaunch's security model and covers how to lock it down.

Lists all of the macros IntraLaunch supports which allows for opening more sophisticated things such as wizards or workstation shutdown.

Lists all of the variables IntraLaunch supports which allows the reading of workstation paths and values such as the temp folder or users current login.

Open with... dialog
How to use the Open With... macro to open documents in different applications.

How to use logging.

Drive Mapping
You can use the Windows net use command to map drives in various ways. This shows a basic example.

Drive Enumeration
Access drive information is explained here.

Error Handling
How to handle errors.

Processing Returning Values & Data
Data coming back from an operation such as a listing of files must be processed in a specific common function. This shows how this is done.