This is the anatomy of IntraLaunch and are the parameters it accepts. The web site has additional details and this demonstration site is only meant to be an introduction. IntraLaunch is called via Javascript, and jQuery is typically used to help keep things simple. All parameters passed to or returned from IntraLaunch are JSON data objects.

Note, IntraLaunch would require both the extension to be installed and it's connector to work properly.
 Note, all paths for workingfolder, program, log, etc. must be escaped with a double backslash (\\) because of Javascript, JSON.

Parameter Overview

<script type="text/javascript">
   document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('funcIntraLaunch',
      'detail': { task: 'run',
                  program: 'notepad.exe',
                  workingfolder: 'C:\\Temp',
                  switches: '',
                  log: 'C:\\Windows\\run_log.txt',
                  windowstate: 'max',
                  recallapp: '',
                  options: '',
                  playsound: '',
                  showerrors: 'true'
                } }));