IntraLaunch can enumerate and display a directory listing from an attached drive. We will use datatables to display the files because it handles all the searching, pagination, sorting, easy adding, etc. You do not have to use datatables and could use any unordered listing object you may already have within your corporate portal such as HTML <div>'s, <ul>'s, etc. IntraLaunch can also filter listings and return only text files, or spreadsheets (.xls). The DataTables Search box below provides another way to filter. This example fixes the root on the specified path, whereas the next example 'Browse Root of C:' allows you to transverse the folder structure. Anything is possible.

Tip!  It's possible to list a path from any attached or accessible storage device such as USB hard drives, memory sticks, DVD-Roms, etc. Including mapped network drives, and even UNC (eg. \\NAS_SERVER1\USBDrive2) accessible network attached storage devices which don't have to be mapped to a drive letter at all.
Warning!  There is no confirmation when trashing.
  Folder Listing of 'My Documents'
Name Size Date Type