IntraLaunch allows access to the local workstation's files & documents to help consolidate your organizations intranet & corporate portal user interface.

designed for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Windows

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What is IntraLaunch?

As Corporate Portals and Intranets become larger and more complex the interface and required information that employees need to stay productive also become increasingly difficult to manage and maintain. IT professionals need to find better ways to securely integrate all information, common documents, applications and workstation resources employees need into a single corporate portal or web based interface while minimizing administrative overhead. IntraLaunch is the missing link to this solution, allowing you to leverage the investment already made in your existing Web infrastructure & Windows based workstations by making the functionality they provide available to your next generation Intranets and Web based solutions.

IntraLaunch is an extension for all web browsers that model their add-on or extension architecture after Chrome which includes Opera and soon Microsoft Edge. It is designed for corporate Intranets with Windows based workstations that need to use a web browser to present an interface to their end users or employees. It is the best possible solution currently available in which allows web page links & elements to open anything from applications to associations such as Word or Acrobat PDF documents both locally and across a network without prompts or warnings in a highly secure manner.



Code Example

The demonstration page and technical documents have more coding examples.
<script type="text/javascript">
  jQuery("#notepad").on("click", function (event) 
    document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('funcIntraLaunch',
    { 'detail': { task: 'run',
               program: 'notepad.exe' } 

  <a href="#" id="notepad">Notepad</a>