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All organizations are looking to increase employee productivity. With IntraLaunch an IT administrator can simplify the complexity of the employee's user interface resulting in increased productivity, a drop in help desk calls, and less administrative overhead for the IT department. It is a workstation/client side solution and requires both the extension and it's Connector.


One of the most important aspects of effective UI and intranet design is security. Blurring the line between the local private workstation and public web pages obviously presents several security concerns. IntraLaunch addresses these concerns by providing a whitelist of domains where will operate. If the browsers location URL is not specified in this whitelist, nothing at all will happen. For details see the security technical document.


IntraLaunch has many features it makes available for your web interface to leverage including the ability to open several wizard, shutdown, logoff & lock the workstation, run as Administrator (or elevated privileges), different ways to handle error control (popup dialog or via Javascript), application refocusing, open documents with a different application, file management & listing capabilities, logging, sound events, easily deployed, Flash & jQuery compatible - all from a web page. Plus many other features, the design limitations are only limited by your imagination.

Two additional categories, macros provide the convenient access to wizards such as adding a printer or shutting the workstation down; and variable substitution provides easy access to specific folder locations that may change across a wide set of users depending on how your IT environment is designed. For example IntraLaunch can open explorer.exe %MY_DOCUMENTS% for all users, even if their %MY_DOCUMENTS% location is completely different.

For details on these features see the technical documents.

Help & Design Assistance

We can also provide design and implementation assistance for your organization for a small fee. Please contact sales if you would like more information.