Download & Install
Current Extension Version: 6.0.76
Current Connector Version: 6.0.7

A web browser compatible with Chrome's extension architecture is required. This will soon be the top four major browsers. Simply install the Extension first, then the Connector. Once installed you may view the demonstration section to confirm operation and see it in action. To manually install IntraLaunch (without using the Chrome Web Store) please see the manual installation technical document.

1 - Add Extension
The extension is available from the Chrome Web Store. Simply jump over to the web store and install the extension from there, then install the Connector below.
Chrome Web Store

2 - Install Connector
This small program must be install for IntraLaunch to work properly. It is a 1.1Mb MSI installable file.
Download Connector

3 - Try it out
Once installed the demonstration section will test your setup and demonstrate all the available features. You can also directly use the Installation Check to test your workstation.
View Demonstration