Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more common questions are addressed below. If you still have a question please feel free to contact us.

No, it is designed specifically for larger companies. Individual licenses may be purchased allowing for the use of the extension on one (1) single workstation. Volume discounts are also available.
No, it is a 100% client side solution and runs at the workstation level only. No server side installation or component is required; other then your HTML web pages to be served over HTTP as usual if you wish.
By default Chrome will restrict all extensions, including IntraLaunch, from accessing local files. You will need to enable Allow access to file URLs first.
IntraLaunch provides a lock-down (via a whitelist) feature that will restrict which URL's the extension will operate in. Also supported is control via Group Policies. For details on how to use this please see the security technical document.
Yes, the Chromium based version of Edge is directly supported. Please see the Edge technical document.
This is dependent on your IT infrastructure. To mass-deploy the extension you can see the ExtensionInstallForcelist feature in Chrome. The IntraLaunch Connector can be deployed like any other MSI file, for example with Active Directory GPO or SCCM. Also in Windows environments, you can use Systems Management Server (SMS) or a similar set of tools to push out the MSI, or run the MSI on the target machines directly, and silently, with the command 'msiexec /q /I IntraLaunch.msi'.

IntraLaunch's extension ID from the Chrome Web store is "dicaekdjklcpjdlndghehinafcafmanb".

Also see this Chrome support page, or Google's alternative distribution page.
This is typically needed for deployment. The ID is dicaekdjklcpjdlndghehinafcafmanb
Apart from the extension IntraLaunch requires small installable program on the local machine(s). This is available via an MSI installable file (IntraLaunch.msi) which is easily deployed across your organization's workstations. See the download page for more information for the above FAQ. Also see the above FAQ How can IntraLaunch be easily deployed across many workstations?.

The connector typically ends up installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Particle Software\IntraLaunch.
Yes. First install the "Download Chrome Extension" add-on from Opera Add-ons. Then you can install the extension from the Chrome Web Store as usual. Don't forget to Go -> Install once the extension is added, by default Chrome extensions are not active when added for Opera. Also see this screenshot .
No, jQuery merely provides an easier and more straight foward way to program your HTML pages with IntraLaunch. The complete demonstration section has some good examples under "Coding Examples".
IntraLaunch requires .NET 4.5 to be installed on the local workstation. Most will already have this.
Yes, depending on the request we can help with both modifications to the extension as well assist with coding for your web pages. For changes to the extension or more complicated assistance with your HTML please contact sales for a quote. We are always available at no cost for basic support.
Mostly all features are demonstrated online by our demonstration section. This section will check your browser for compatibility, verify if the extension is installed, and confirm if the Connector is working properly and direct you accordingly.